Our Promise


Recycled metals

We use recycled gold and sterling silver. It's the same high-quality as mined gold and silver with significantly reduced CO2 emissions and without the ethical concerns linked to mining.

Gold vermeil

Gold vermeil (pronounced ver-may) is the best of both worlds, high quality & affordable. A thick layer of 18k solid gold (minimum 2.5 microns) is plated on top of sterling silver to create our yellow gold and rose gold vermeil jewellery. Five times thicker and more durable than average gold plating and with the right care, our pieces can be worn for many years to come. 


All pieces come with a 1 year warranty, in which we are happy to exchange items with manufacturing faults free of charge. Please note this does not include wear and tear and does not include earrings due to hygiene reasons. Should you wish to exchange an item, please email: support@yunarose.com