Sustainability & Responsibility

Committed to creating luxury quality jewellery whilst protecting our people and our planet, we have carefully selected partners who share this vision and adhere to the strict social, ethical and environmental standards set by the Responsible Jewellery Council, the world’s leading standard-setting organisation for the watch and jewellery industry.

Sustainable sourcing

We use recycled gold and sterling silver. The quality is the same as mined gold and silver with the added benefit of being eco-friendly, with significantly less CO2 emissions and without the ethical concerns linked to mining.

Responsible packaging

All packaging is made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified materials, which means that they come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. 

Our standard jewellery boxes are 100% recyclable, including the inserts. Our gift boxes and storage pouches are made to be kept and reused, perfect to keep your jewellery safe when not in use.

Ethical manufacturing

Our jewellery is thoughtfully handcrafted, quality checked and carefully packaged before making their way to you. Our partners go through strict audits to ensure fair wages, hours, employee rights, and health and safety.

Your delivery

With the environment in mind, we pride ourselves in using as little packaging as possible without compromising on security and maintaining an exciting unboxing experience for you. This means that your pieces will still arrive fully protected and any additional information will be delivered digitally. Physical thank you and gift cards will still be included.